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#LocallySourced : Avanti Nagral - Thank U (pls)

After the initial release on International Women’s Day, Boston based international singer/song-songwriter, Avanti Nagral just shared the music video for ‘Thank U (pls)’ which is not just another break up anthem but actually puts forth a fresh perspective on past relationships with a charming classical undertone and gracefully put together lyrics.

A student at both Harvard University and Berklee College of Music, Avanti is actually a treasure trove of talent. Not only can she sing in over 13 different language but her passion also extends into the field of global health and development and she has even given multiple Ted Talks as a motivational speaker, artist & advocate.

Coming back to the music video, it features some familiar faces like Ayush Mehra (Love By Chance, Bitoo Boss, FilterCopy), Yashaswini Dayama (Adulting, FilterCopy, Dear Zindagi) and Viraj Ghelani (FilterCopy), as well as Hira Ashar (College Romance, FilterCopy) and Rudraksh Thakur (Television Actor) and is now available for streaming on YouTube, check it out.


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