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Anana Kaye - Blueberry Fireworks

Husband-Wife Duo, Anana & Irakli are making art visually as the co-owners of ‘Duende Vision’ and musically as well, under the moniker ‘Anana Kaye’ and this Nashville based Indie Alt-Americana Duo just released a hauntingly beautiful but equally melancholic music video for their new single ‘Blueberry Fireworks’.

Giving a sneak peak into the future, ‘Blueberry Fireworks’ prepares the audience for what’s about to come next being the debut single off their upcoming album ‘Detour’. Produced by Norwegian Grammy Nominee Brett Ryan Stewart, the single paints a true picture of what it’s like to suffer from the ubiquitously shared woes of the modern society like depression, alienation & longing for a real human connection. Further adding to the actuality of the situation, the music video starring Rosemary Fossee does a brilliant job in evoking a feeling of compassion for those going through life with mental illness.

Watch the music video below.


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